t off. [20] 161 Bu●t, what is more curious, a Catholic● writer of the present day, the Abbé F●aillon, in an elaborate and learned wo■rk, dilates at length on the ●details of the display; and t

Aliquam lorem ante dapibus in viverra

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aluted it wi■th a volley of musketry. [22] ● [20] Relation, 1637, 8. The Relations, as o■riginally published, comprised about forty volum

●es. [21] Histoire de la Coloni■e Fran?aise, I. 291, 292. [22] Relation, 16■37, 82. On the anniversary of ■the Dauphin's birth there wa■s a dramatic performance, in which an unbeliev●er, speaking Algonquin for t●he profit of the Indians present, was hunte●d into Hell by fiends. [23] Re■ligious processions were frequent. In one of the●m, the Governor in a cou

Mauris euismod urna id urna faucibus

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rt dress and ●a baptized Indian in beaver-skins were joi●nt supporters of the canopy whi■ch covered the Host. [24] In another■, si

x Indians led the van, arrayed eac■h in a velvet coat of scarlet and g■old sent them by the King. Then came other Ind●ian converts, two and two; then t■he foundress of the Ursuline convent, with In■dian children in French gowns; ■then all the Indian girls and women, ■dressed after their own way; t●hen the priests; then the G

Etiam feugiat laoreet sollicitudin

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ove■rnor; and finally the whole Frenc■h population, male and female, ex●cept the artillery-men at the fort, who■

saluted with their 162 cannon the cross and ba■nner borne at the head of the procession. When ■all was over, the Governor a●nd the Jesuits rewarded the Indians w■ith a feast. [25] [23] Vimont, Relatio■n, 1640, 6. [24] Le Jeune, Relation●, 1638, 6. [25] Le Jeune, Rela●tion, 1639, 3. Now let the stranger ■enter the church of Notre-

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